Katie's Tunes...


Here's some songs I recorded at home on the computer.  Right-Click and choose "save link as..." from the menu.

Luv ya lots!  Enjoy.

You can listen to all of my songs with this player.


Here's The Newest:

Don't Break Me...

(this song is by Katie and Lexie!)


Rain song in Windows Media audio format

It's been like really rainy outside lately!  Check out the harmonies!


Dad and I re-recorded and re-mixed it to sound better.


Let My Words Be Few

This is one of my favorite church songs. Peter's playing guitar. 

We messed up a few times but that's ok, its still really good.

 I Stare Outside in MP3 format

This song was a poem by one of my dad's students, Nancy Castellanos--I put her words to my music. 

I'm gonna re-record this one and fix some of my mistakes.


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