Katie's Web Page!!!


I'm so happy that Thao and I finally like got our own website!  Now we post whatever we want on the internet and tell you what's going on all the time.  We're going to scan a whole bunch of good pix so we can put them in the photo gallery!  You can send me pictures, IM me with msn messenger, and just e-mail me at Katie213@schuworld.com.  My xanga is at  http://www.xanga.com/Katie213.  You can go there if you're like really bored or something.  and of course, http://www.myspace.com/Katie213 :] that ones my favorite.

A little about me:

I love shopping (probably because I'm always broke so when I have shopping money, its special), hanging out with my friends, playing guitar, singing, babysitting, having sleepovers, making jello, and listening to loud music.  I'm on JV volleyball team and the JV swim team.  I miss my friends in South Dakota!  And I absolutely LOVE California! 

Lamb's Fellowship Church is a wonderful church and I've been learning a lot at youth group and Sunday morning services.  If you're a high school student, our youth group, Surrender, is from 7 pm to 9 pm on Wednesday nights and its a really great place to meet new friends, worship, pray, and learn more about God!  Plus there are so many really nice people that will welcome you!!!

The Car Wash earned $409! Great Job guys! :)  This is definitely a great way to start earning money for summer camp!  (If you'd like to donate money or have any questions about the Rent-A-Teen program, please e-mail me!)

The Bigger and Better Rummage Sale was great!  Everyone was working so hard and we earned more than $1,400! I'm so proud of everyone and I totally wish that I could go to summer camp with you guyz...You'll have fun.